Jumat, 26 November 2010

Mobile Phones Change Our Lives

We know that mobile phones, cell phones, hand-phones are changing our lives. And the mobile phones change the way we behave.
Firstly ,it is the fact that mobile phones are not only change our lives, but it also change who we are. Because sometime and somewhere we usually calling friend, or send text message.
Secondly, if we remember to bring it, when the mobile phone doesn’t ring or a text message doesn’t appeared for a while, we will feel unhappy.
Thirdly, mobile phone are great, but if we allow to dominate our lives to interupting conservaions with sending flirt text message to random numbers or to our special friend.
From the facts above, the mobile phone are changing our lives and change who we are. And then the society as we know it will no longer exist. And we will see in another year a digital data going out in the world.

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